Copenhagen On Wall
kr 17,995.00 kr 17,995.00 17995.0 DKK
The Copenhagen On Wall speaker is hand build in Denmark by our skilled cabinetmakers, this ensures the best possible finish.

The Ash wood front perfectly matches the matt off-white finish of cabinet making it a natural part of the living room wall.

We have only used top self components and they have all been hand selected for a perfect match, making the final result a true high end speaker with stunning sound and looks.

The ultra light and stiff ceramic dome tweeter is mounted in a waveguide, that enables it to effortlessly work together with the two fast 5” aluminium bas-/midrange drivers. The crossover solely consist of the best possible parts and we therefore only use aircoils, foil capacitors and MOX resistors in our crossover.

Large amps not required.

We have created an effective and dynamic speaker, that can be driven be most amplifiers and at the same time deliver great dynamics and truly play loud; also in large rooms. This is achieved by an effeciency of 91dB, so the big livingroom will effortlessly be filled with sound.
Replacement bass unit for Copenhagen On Wall
kr 1,599.00 kr 1,599.00 1599.0 DKK
Replacement bass driver for the Copenhagen On Wall speaker.
13 cm (5") High End midrange driver with stiff, anodized aluminium cone, solid aluminium die-cast basket and elastic rubber surround. Extremely low mechanical and electrical losses due to vented pole plate and vented damper. Capton voice-coil and impedance control ring.
Replacement Tweeter for Copenhagen On Wall
kr 1,799.00 kr 1,799.00 1799.0 DKK
Magnetically shielded 25 mm (1") high end dome tweeter made of ceramic for crystal clear, perfectly reproduced sound even at high volume settings and with no distortion. The pole piece perforation coupled with the flow-optimised rounded shape, the damping in the cavity and the ventilated voice coil carrier guarantee a very low resonance frequency.

This tweeter is mounted in a wave guide.
Replacement waveguide for Copenhagen On Wall
kr 199.00 kr 199.00 199.0 DKK
14,8 cm Waveguide of high-quality plastic for 25 mm tweeters. The exponential enlargement provides a high sound pressure level gain in the lower high frequency range, which discharges the tweeter. In addition, the focus and the coupling to a woofer are improved, because the sound generation planes move closer together. For fixation of the tweeter on the waveguide 4 pieces M4 screws (length approx. 10 mm) are added.